Being an urban nomad, my standards are clear. I want quality. Quality of life. A well-balanced mix of experiences. Not the most expensive stuff, only the most interesting. An unexpected thing from time to time. Unique experiences without living the same over and over again. I want design, but not without meaning. Good food and nice places to hang out. One day I might sleep in a luxurious design hotel. The next one on a free couch. Not one without the other. Share → Tweet

The Future is Now

The people from Urban Station in Buenos Aires asked me to write a column for their eMagazine. A sneak peak below… Most people want to be rich. Not so much because of the money, but because of the freedom it brings along. We’d like to be able to work where and when we’d like. To travel to far away places, to count experiences instead of paychecks, to live rich & create boldly. Share → Tweet