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Inspired by the growing lifestyle design movement, we decided to launch a digital nomad experiment. “Is it possible to pick up your life and take it with you to the other side of the world?” Not like a gap year – which implies interrupting your life & coming back broke. No. Think different. Think modern nomads, digital ones. Taking your lives with you. Laptops. Skype. Clients. Projects. Facebook. Friends.

For one year we lived in 3 different locations (Cape Town, Thailand & Buenos Aires) while we continued working both for clients and proper projects from behind our laptops. Contrary to gap year travelers, we came back with as much money as when we left. In the meanwhile we went wildlife watching, participated at Burning Man, visited Patagonia, learned surfing, enjoyed the most incredible thai massages & food, learned surfing,…

This experiment was an attempt to explore a viable alternative for the corporate 9to5 template. Who says work from 20-65y with 3weeks of holiday every year & retirement after is the only possible model? In stead of thinking of life as about building a career, wouldn’t it be more logical to think about it as building/experiencing a life? About ‘living rich’ in stead of about ‘being rich’?

Our story made it to several Belgian tv, radio & print media. (VTM, De Morgen, Radio 1, Trends, De Tijd, HLN, The Bulletin,…) We have been and will be giving presentations on the subject at a range of events (Brussels Girl Geek Dinners, Barcamp, TEDx Flanders, Creativity World Forum, …) On top of that our story went viral and made it to blogs in Russia, Japan, the US, Brazil,… – Travel Stories From Our Experiment in Digital Nomadism