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Although low cost design hotels were coined an upcoming phenomenon in 2009 by the Future Laboratory, until recently there were no known websites for easy booking. True, a few hotels are listed amongst their expensive counterparts on well known websites as Tablet Hotels, Mr&Mrs Smith or Designhotels. And most of them are available on plain and ordinary booking websites. But what a hassle!

This is why I created butikk.nu. A plain and simple design. A solid selection of plain beautiful affordable hotels. No hassle. No stress. Just some good pictures, an idea about pricing and a link to an external booking website.

The first reactions have been great. I got some pretty amazing thumbs up from some very inspirational people & we are starting to get a nice selection of hotels. We got some pretty awesome press attention, being mentioned on notcot.org and having been part of Debbie Pappyn’s selection for the belgian newspaper De Morgen. Next up on the agenda? Let the world know we exist, building traffic to the site.

Butikk.nu – A Curated Collection of Low Cost Design Hotels