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Our Presentations at Barcamp Ghent

Yesterday at Barcamp Gent we gave a presentation about our trip and a second one more specifically about ‘lifestyle design’

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The Future Is Now

20100429-105421-CVAThe people from Urban Station in Buenos Aires asked me to write a column for their eMagazine. A sneak peak below…


Most people want to be rich. Not so much because of the money, but because of the freedom it brings along. We’d like to be able to work where and when we’d like. To travel to far away places, to count experiences instead of paychecks, to live rich & create boldly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Being an urban nomad, my standards are clear.
I want quality. Quality of life.
A well-balanced mix of experiences.
Not the most expensive stuff, only the most interesting.
An unexpected thing from time to time.
Unique experiences without living the same over and over again.
I want design, but not without meaning.
Good food and nice places to hang out.
One day I might sleep in a luxurious design hotel.
The next one on a free couch.
Not one without the other.

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Your Own Film Library. Anytime, Anywhere.

Screen shot 2010-03-30 at 15.29.16

Talking about the perfect internet project  for the lifestyle oriented nunomad.

Although still in beta (and struggling with some minor issues) it’s been ages since I’ve been so enthusiastic about anything.

The Auteurs is an online cinema/community for film lovers. Your own film library. Your own little cinema. Anytime. anywhere. Their strong focus on quality productions, combined with their sense of style, makes them unique in their field. In short, The Auteurs rule!

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Lifestyledesign: not the easy way.

Don’t let them fool you. Contrary to what some books and sites may tell you, lifestyle design isn’t an easy task – it’s not just about having the guts.
So let’s presume you do have the guts …… now comes the hard bit – making your dreams a reality. For us, that meant going Location Independent for (at least) a year.

“Cool !”, I hear you say. Yes, indeed – but think again. It also means renting out the house, selling the car and preparing clients. Somebody posted a comment in a previous post, “….isn’t ‘nomadic’ about just packing, leaving and coming back when you run out of money?”

Sometimes I wish it was. The lifestyle we’re opting for isn’t about that. In fact, our main objective is to come back with at least as much money as when we left – and preferably more. In particular, unlike when travelling, we’ll actually be living in a different place; renting an apartment, doing the shopping, cooking and working. This is quite different to a holiday.
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About life and travel and other stuff


There are many different reasons for people to go travel, and a myriad of available choices when it comes to scheduling these adventures. People often tend to talk about the beaten track; getting tourists to follow the same path and visit the same old familiar sights seems to be the general philosophy for tour operators. But these days, there is a growing awareness developing among people to get away from that beaten track as quickly as possible.

Personally, I believe that this rejection sterns from a desire in many of us to discover some authenticity. After all, it’s not really an authentic experience to savor a Thai curry at Kao San Road in Bangkok when you are surrounded by French, German and American tourists everywhere.

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