About us

Nomadz.nu is an experiment in lifestyle design by two Belgian women, Ine and Catherine. At the beginning of February, they left their home in Ghent behind to live and work abroad. Their major destinations include South-Africa, Thailand and Argentina.  An experiment in Lifestyle Design, they explore the boundaries of digital nomadism by living on 3 different continents (Cape Town, Thailand, Buenos Aires) while they continue living their lives – they will continue working for clients in Belgium & on proper projects, but remotely. So, just like many other modern nomadz, they’ll  finance the trip working on their laptops during the trip itself.

Inbetween, they’ll be meditating in Thailand, drinking delicious wines in Argentina or surfing in South Africa.

ineIne has a degree in photography and web design (matuvu.nu). She has worked as an intern for De Morgen, a Belgian newspaper, and as a freelancer for reporters.be. While visiting Iraq, she became fascinated by the Middle East and took off to live and study in Israel. Two years later, she returned to Belgium with a postgraduate degree in the arts. During this trip, she started blogging at a time when the word ‘blogging’ barely existed. Back in Belgium, she became a blog personality with her blog monuments.nu, and today, she combines her passion (photography) with her ‘geeky’ side (web design) within her company Matuvu. Amongst her clients have been Microsoft, the Belgian Prime Minister, WWF and the University of Ghent.

catheirneCatherine has a masters degree in philosophy and is a postgraduate in marketing communication. Upon graduation she was offered a job as a researcher at the University of Ghent. Today, she works in interior design and online communication. As a freelancer she’ll be available for all your online communication. Since she’ll be leaving a part-time job behind, she’ll use the extra time available developing some personal projects in the domain of design and travel. In 2006, Catherine traveled through Latin-America for five months. From that point on, traveling really became an indispensable part of her life. She documented the trip in her former blog.