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Sony Bluetooth Headphones

Definitely quite a while ago, Sony offered us some wireless bluetooth headphones + headset DR-BT101 to test. While they looked gorgeous and were very portable, for some or another reason they didn’t connect well with my iPhone for which I found the headphones a perfect fit.

That had all to do with Apple’s lack of support for the new Bluetooth protocol, it appeared. (When did Apple stopped pushing new technology??)
A true pity. Because, for me these headphones seemed a perfect solution as headset for my iPhone while being able to listen to music.
And it’s wireless aspect is just, well, great. Remember how many times you left your computer with connected headphones on? I do. I almost ruined a portable because of it.

It would have made a true match in the office for that reason alone. And that’s where it went a bit wrong for us. Admitted: they worked pretty ok on the Macbook Pro as headphones, but again, the lack of good bluetooth support made sure it is hard to use on Skype or as a headset. I had to choose between headset or stereo phones, instead of automatic switching. They kinda missed the point that way. Due to Apple, that is… So I didn’t use them enough to write a decent review.

When we left on part 2 of our nomadic adventure I decided to take them along anyway, as they’re do work fine as wireless headphones for the Macbook and, well… I didn’t find my other earbuds.

I hesitated back then, but now I couldn’t be happier. At this point we have a similar problem as back then with the e-Reader: who of the 2 of us is going to use it? As Catherine is the one loving music way much more and needs to be isolated from her surroundings, she’s the winner in this case (unlike last time..) She just loves it: puts it on as headphones and works, able to ignore the rest of the world. In other cases I manage to grab it. The headphones turned out a perfect fit for the iPad which seemed to have a whole less hassle with the headphones. Did Apple started to support the new bluetooth protocol? In any case: no more hassling: connect and they work. One way or another, it is just great: I put on the headphones, chose some music, hide the ipad in its cover and can listen for hours.

For hours yes. I have put them on on a 12 hours journey on a train, and while they didn’t last the whole trip, they did cover most of it. The iPad didn’t blink either, still being at 85% of its charge. Best of all: nobody noticed the iPad, because there was no plug. The earphones are wireless and in those cases its just a blessing. No white string showing off an iPod/iPhone. And while a closed lid of the macbook would stop the music, the iPad doesn’t. As long as you don’t get out of the reach of I believe some 10 meters, all keeps on running. Smooth. When you get disconnected, the iPad stops the music and spares the battery. Nice touch there, Apple.

Sound, you ask? I’m not an audiophile. I’m sure a lot of people can keep on going on sound quality, but for me the quality is quite ok. If not quite good. Sure, in ear Bose will be a whole lot better, but they cost a whole lot more too… Compared with 40 euro Nike in ear phones and the white Apple buds, these sound a whole lot better. Catherine backs me up on this one (she’s quite busy with it) and was stunned to hear the difference with her in-ear headphones. In favor of the Sony’s. We should compare them with Bose and others, but then again, it is fair to compare 60 euro wireless earphones with 200 euro wired top quality stuff? Bluetooth wireless is always giving up quality. Quality cables count for a lot in audio environments, every audiophile will tell you. Knowing that, I find the quality quite good, as said earlier.

What I like most about them is their wearability. I’ve tried quite some headphones, and most of them lack something. I definitely want on-ears as in-ears start itching after a while. Necklaces just suck (who invented those?) and a lot of on-ears are like your walking around with almost a helmet. I can walk with the Sony’s for hours and don’t feel bothered by it. And they even look ok :) Catherine finds the controls on the headphone rather useless, I do appreciate them. Especially on the iPad: no need to grab the thing to change volume or pause a song. You can do this on the headset itself. (A pity the song forward and backward are not working on it. Surely something Apple didn’t foresee. )

Anyways: I’m convinced by them. And definitely eager to test the them on the new iPhone4 to see if they fit there. If so, I have one more reason to buy it :) The iPhone4 that is. The headset is a keeper in any way! At their sharp price, there is just no reason to hesitate, knowing that more and more tools are using the latest bluetooth technology.

For those interested, Sony also has some other models with Bluetooth. We’re curious about these ones.

Disclaimer: Sony sponsored us for our trip. While we get some stuff for on the way, we’re entitled to write what we want. Which we do ;)

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  1. YvesHanoulle says:

    This is great to hear. I had several wireless (Bluetooth and others) headsets. The last one I was very happy about, and then the connection cable to charge the batteries died on me. (Was a proprietary format)

    Will you tell me what is the way to charge the batteries for this one?

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