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Save on your flights: choose low-budget carriers

590002366_0dee41b326While we would definitely opt for a travel agency for the long-hauls, inland or even continental flights often are often cheaper on low-budget carriers.

In Belgium, we happen to have Brussels Airlines, with loads of promotions.
Ryanair and Sunjets also tend to offer crazy prices, going as low as €0.01 for a flight (without taxes).
There are some disadvantages, of course: no money back guarantees, extra charges for luggage, on-board food and drink is never free, lack of leg-space, and often the airports are not really ‘big hubs’, but rather small airports away from the center.

Yet, for short flights, low-budget carriers do the job; and they do it well.

Here’s a list of low-budget carriers we found worldwide:

For Asia:

  • TigerAirways
  • Nok Air
  • Bangkok Air
  • Air Asia
  • Berlin Air

Extended list available

For South America:

  • A volar
  • Gol Brasil
  • Viva Aerobus

Extended list

For South Africa:

  • 1 Time (within South Africa)
  • Kulula
  • Mango

Longer list available for Africa

For Europe:

A full list for Europe can be found here

If you have remarks, or know of other interesting carriers, or have experiences to share, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Save on your flights: choose low-budget carriers”

  1. Nice overview.

    Look also to the specialised websites about all the policies.
    For example is offering all information about flying with surfboards and bigger sport-equipment. The last years this is becomming really difficult and the policies are sometimes totally different.

  2. Ine says:

    Hi Herman. Tx for the add-on. It’s indeed right: these carriers very often limit the amount of luggage you can take.
    (But even then with the extra euro’s, it’s often cheaper than the known carriers…)
    We’re just renting surfboards luckily :)

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