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What’s in the suitcase?

Luggage spread around the room.

Ha! THE question on everyone’s lips: What do you take along?
How do you fit your life into three suitcases? I even thought of posting a thread on it, asking all kinds of people to show their suitcases… just out of curiosity. It’s one of those things you tend to forget about, and then in the end, just days before leaving, it’s there in front of you, and you’re thinking ‘Shit!’

In our case, things got even worse. We had four brand new bags, two easy rollers, one big bag, and one tiny weekend bag that might come in handy on shorter trips while abroad. But suddenly, just two days before we left, I noticed that ‘you’re allowed to take one big suitcase, and two pieces of hand luggage’

At that moment, we had two pieces of luggage each, one item of hand baggage, plus a camera bag.

A reason to start panicking…

We managed to get it all into three bags (one of them became hand-luggage) and squeeze the cameras and computers into two of these instead of one on its own.
But that’s another story.

Here’s a list of our stuff.

I just covering my stuff, so just multiply it by two (Catherine has almost the same list — except for the netbook, e-reader, panny and tablet, and add some ‘maquillage’;) ):


– 10 pairs of knickers
– 6 pairs of socks
– 2 bras
– 1 pair of decent, yet comfortable shoes (adidas sneakers)
– 1 pair of slippers
– 1 pair of jeans
– 2 pairs of light pants (1 casual and 1 chique)
– 1 pair of fisherman’s pants (which I tend to wear all of the time)
– 4 shirts
– 2 t-shirts
– 5 pullovers (which was two too many, I later  realized!)
– 1 pair of thermal underwear (God knows why!… I was bit worried nights might get cold here… They didn’t!)
– 2 bikinis
– 1 linnen bag for laundry

Computer gear:

1 13-inch Macbook
– 1 Bamboo tablet for design
– 1 iphone
– Sony netbook (PC checkup for designing website; also comes in handy for quick checking of stuff)
– Sony ereader (which totally rocks — the ipod for books)
– PC lock
– 2 portable hard disks (of which 2 were for backup, and the other for movies and stuff, but at the same time including a brand new install of Mac OsX,  in case the hard drive in the computer died)
– Northface bag to put stuff in, also daypack.

Camera gear:

1 Panny GF-1 which I’m totally fond of. Compact, yet able to to whatever you like
– 1 Nikon D700 with manual lenses (24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm) with old neck strap (new is like saying ‘steal me’)
Left the 24-70mm zoom at home — too afraid it might get stolen.
– 1 Nikon SB900, because I wanted to get a hold on it; learn a bit more about it. (Didn’t do yet…)
– 1 Domke bag to walk around with
– 8 batteries and charger

Administrative & money:

– 400 euro cash.
– Driving license (international and national)
– 3 visa, 2 maestro
– 1 Moneybelt


Enough cables for all devices
– Some books and travel guides
– Travel adaptor
– Extension cable (comes in really handy, you plug in the adaptor and have a series of plugs instead of only 1)
– sleeping bag
– beach towel
– sunglasses
– spare pair of glasses
– GPS bought locally, because in S. Africa. everything is done by car!

Check the image for notes.

The reality is: whilst packing, I never really cared about the clothes. I was well aware I of the fact that I could buy anything I needed over here. Heck, you can buy stuff worldwide, and often cheaper than at home. But the work-related stuff worried me the most. I checked up on backupping, on which gear to take, and which to leave, which insurances to take, and ‘what if’-scenarios (what if the computer dies). They are almost all covered.

So what would you take when squeezing your life into two suitcases?


Our final luggage — within luggage limits!

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2 Responses to “What’s in the suitcase?”

  1. YvesHanoulle says:

    Compare that with the truck we used to move for only 6 months…
    Next time we move, I’ll hire you girls to filter our luggage…

  2. Catherine says:

    @Yves :) Hope it isn’t that bad?
    To be honest, we are not missing anything. We even left a few extra things at home while being in Belgium a few weeks ago. :)

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