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About leaving…

We have been preparing this trip for months, and now this crazy journey is becoming a reality.
Crazy? Yes! The last month has been crazy. While many of our clients already knew we’d be leaving, some of them really wanted us to have certain jobs finished before we left. Utterly crazy, as we had to prepare all kinds of stuff for this trip: vaccinations, administrative stuff, emptying the house, booking trips, and seeing family before we left…
While I really planned on doing things differently, in a more relaxed way, it turned out to be one of the heftiest months I’ve ever had. And I think Catherine feels the same. (Remind me, if we do this a second time, to quit working two weeks before we leave, and not to tell anybody! We tried something similar, but only took four extra days – four days is not enough…)

So last week we were sitting on a plane. Yes, there were some glitches; unfinished work, things not packed or forgotten, and stuff that “‘still needs to be taken care of” by our mums… But the plane didn’t drop out of the sky, and we were gone :)

We definitely need this break. After running a crazy two years, both of us need some inspiration. Both of us need time for ourselves. Some people wonder if we are running away from something. I don’t believe we are. We’re running towards something, not away.

I can only speak for myself, but this ‘running’ is the only option I see to get myself  ‘focused’. The fact that the internet will not be ‘active’ all the time, is a hard way to teach myself to disconnect; or to realize how addicted I am. :)
I love Gwenn Bell’s post on ‘unhooking from the email box‘. And while she’s writing about how to achieve it, I’m happy that the first two weeks of our journey were “internet-poor”. I’d rather opt for cold turkey, and hopefully, the unbearable withdrawal symptoms will have gone by the time we arrive in Cape Town.  ‘Checking mails twice a day’ will be the default setting.

I admit that unhooking is a lot easier in a beautiful, sunny country than in a rainy, snowy and cold country such as Belgium is right now. :)

I hope this environment gives me the strength to set my goals well; to focus on the stuff I want to do, rather than trying to run before I can walk.
I want to “learn to walk” again, to see what’s around me, to breath, to take pictures, to behold… and then spend time on the projects I carefully select, and make the absolute best of them.
I really want to grow in my work. Somehow, I had the feeling that while the business was growing, I wasn’t able to take time to develop my skills, and enhance my output. For both myself and my clients.

This is what the year will be all about; finding a balance between personal life and professional life. I’m absolutely sure the result will be the best possible for everybody; for us, for our family and friends, and for our clients, who’ll get more than before.

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