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Budget Design Hotels in Thailand

We got some demands of people asking us about all those dirt cheap design hotels we stayed in.
So, for your convenience, I list them here with some pro & con’s.


13414951Sleep Withinn was one of the cheapest hotels we stayed at. We only paid around 20€ for a double room/per night.* At the same time it was the only hotel without breakfast and free wifi included.

The best feature of the hotel is it’s rooftop pool. Anyone familiar with Bangkok’s tropical knows the luxury of a swim from time to time. Apart from that, the hotel is a true budget design hotel. Budget as in small rooms, a little noisy,… Design as in better designed hotel rooms as you’ll find in most hotels, beautiful pool & lobby,…


lamaiwanta02 For me Lamai Wanta was one of the best hotels we stayed at during our Thailand stay. Really nice resort. Luxury boutique feeling for very little money. Very good breakfast. Swimming pool & restaurant with view over the beach. So, a definite thumbs up for this hotel.

Some remarks: The hotel is a little more worn out than you see on the pictures. But, for the little money we paid here (price room/night: 32€.*) this really didn’t bother me. Cause a budget design hotel is still a budget design hotel. You can’t expect the complete same standard of luxury as a hotel costing 5 à 10x as much.

Also, once you get out of the resort, you arrive in one of the more touristic parts of the island. If you don’t like this, don’t go there. More even, maybe just skip Koh Samui. But if you’re in the mood for a few days of very lazy beach holidays, it really is worth it to stay here a couple of days.


3911738627_a56b25932f_oCompared with Lamai Wanta, Mandalai Hotel is more of a hotel than a resort. The value of the hotel definitely lies in it’s location. Situated in a very quiet fishermen’s village, you are able to find some true authenticity with thai children swimming in the sea and local women cleaning fish on the beach. Even if it was only for this feature the hotel is a true delight. On the picture you see the view from at the breakfast table.

Some remarks: The Garden View room has a view on the street. So, I would recommend going for the pool, mountain or sea view. We paid 38€ for a double room/per night.*
The hotel is design, but I didn’t find it wow. The design of the restaurant was a lot nicer. But this is a personal opinion off course. A little more attention for the details & cleaning wouldn’t harm.

That being said, we stayed in the hotel 3 days longer than originally intended. So, that says it all, I guess.


ForestaWe stayed a couple of days in Hua Hin, or Pranburi (30km from Hua Hin) to be more precise, because we wanted to check if it was a potential candidate for living. The answer to that question was no. The sea looked too much as our Belgian North Sea and Hua Hin reminded us a little too much of Benidorm.

As for Foresta Resort, it had some really beautiful architectural features. Some very nicely designed garden chairs as well. At the same time the overall feeling of the hotel lacked something. Breakfast was horrible. So was the place you eat breakfast.

This was the most expensive hotel we stayed at (+-41€ per room/per night*). Since we didn’t really like Hua Hin nor Pranburi, I don’t think we would go there again. But if you don’t have the time to go one of the Islands, I believe this might be an option. Or, if you have a little more money to spare, you might want to check out X2 Kuibury Resort (starting from +- 65€ per room/per night*).


At-PingnakornAlthough you might argue this hotel is the least “design” of all, at the same time, it still deserves it’s place here. You want a boutique hotel feeling together with a low price? Well, this is what At Pingnakorn is all about. I didn’t think you could get so much luxury at such a low price. The breakfast is just perfect. Internet is free. And the neighborhood is wonderfull. (just out of the centre near Nimmanhaemin Rd., the hip student area). We paid around 20€ for a double room/per night.*

The only real downside of this hotel, is the lack of a swimming pool. Since temperatures in Chiang Mai are more manageable then those elsewhere, this ain’t a disaster. But a pool would have been a nice surplus of course.

note: If you’d like something a little more in the centre of the city, the Dusit D2 (50€ per room/per night) seems a very nice choice.

* Prices tend to vary depending on whether it is high or low season and the specific room of your choice. We stayed there in September, which is low season. If you plan to stay during high season it is possible some prices may be up to double of the prices mentioned here. The same goes for expensive rooms. We almost every time opted for a basic room. Which was more than perfect. But if you want a little something more, you pay the extra’s.

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