At the beginning of 2010, Catherine and Ine launched their first experiment in lifestyle design, called For the duration of 1year they explored the boundaries of digital nomadism by living on 3 different continents (Cape Town, Thailand, Buenos Aires) while they continued living their lives – they continued working for clients in Belgium & on proper projects, but remotely. Being modern nomads, they financed the trip working on their laptops.

At the same time they started experimenting with antifragile income projects and, even more importantly, projects that would make their and our world and life a better place. In between, they’ve been meditating in Thailand, drinking delicious wines in Argentina or surfing in South Africa.

Their experiment has been featured extensively in the Belgian Press (De Morgen, Radio 1, De Tijd, VTM, Trends, The Bulletin, HLN,…) and went viral online, being featured on blogs from Russia to Brazil and the US. They have been giving presentations on the subject at events like TEDx Flanders (Vlaamse Opera, Antwerpen), World Creativity Forum (Lotto Arena Hasselt),…

Today they are back in their hometown Ghent, planning their next steps.



ine Ine has a Master degree in Photography (Royal Academy of Arts, Ghent) and a post graduate in Art (Bezalel Academy of Arts & design, Tel Aviv). While studying abroad she discovered the adventures of the internet, began an internet start-up with some friends, and became an avid blogger. Back in Belgium, she filled the new available time starting up her own business.

Today, she combines her passions (photography & design) with her ‘geeky’ side (building sites) within her company Matuvu.
She’s still busy with entrepreneurship as Director of Design and shareholder of, a crowd-funding initiative for photo journalists.

Ine got bitten by the travel bug when she was 12, and she’s still infected. It comes and goes, but never dissapears. Her long time dream was to have a house with a big library full of books. That was until she discovered that this library suits her laptop, and that one can afford much more when having less.



Catherine has an interdisciplinary background in philosophy, design, new media and futures studies. Today she’s the owner of her own NuPhilosophical Playground New Brave World & works as a futurist at Pantopicon.Catherine likes all things design, the good life, and/and thinking & brilliant movies. She doesn’t like status quo consumerism, fake people, arty farty, either/or thinking.