Being a geek is sexy, but in the end it’s all about the lifestyle you know.


It’s true that so far we have featured a lot of technical posts. And it’s also true that without these digital solutions, our Location Independent Lifestyle would be simply impossible. But think again if you believe this journey is only about technology.

It is about LIFE, and how to design it; how to create a lifestyle that brings the most joy, happiness and content to life.

Because, hey! Open your eyes! Most of us are getting lost in what is known as “9 to 5”; in what is supposed to bring us happiness, but which in fact mostly only brings big corporate firms a lot of money. For most of us, it just boils down to a (good) paycheck. Trying to control others while others or the system try to control us. Being stuck in traffic jams in the morning. Being stuck in traffic jams in the evening. And in between, we buy a house, have a few children and watch a game of soccer from time to time.

And the strange thing is, we don’t even need soma to accept and believe this to be the picture perfect life. After all, shouldn’t we all be happy living in this Brave New World?

Until there is…. “a mid-life crisis”; the moment of truth when we suddenly realize how we lost track of everything that really matters. Or, for those skipping the young women and fancy cars stage of life,… “retirement”. The moment of freedom when it is actually WE who are supposed to decide how to bring content into our lives. (Except for advertising of course.)

But, do you know what? I don’t want to wait until I’m fifty to get a life, as I am sure many of you don’t either. So let me introduce three interesting concepts that might help you frame reality in a new and very rewarding way.


Have you ever had the feeling you are underperforming? I bet you have; we all do. So, this is the point at which Lifehacking comes in handy. Life Hacking focuses on ‘Getting Things Done’. This is a very important tool for getting a grip on your life in order to take it in whichever direction you’d like. Not just for its own sake, but because it helps you achieve those dreams and goals. Because it creates time and space for all the brilliant things you want to do. (Want to read more about Life Hacking? Check out Zen Habits, Unleash Reality or Scott H Young ,┬áto name but a few)

NUNOMADS (aka Location Independent, Digital Nomads)

Digital tools enable us nunomads to detach our work from a specific location, thereby creating a meaning to freedom previously untouched. Surfing the waves of the economic world wisely, one can even hack the system and get a whole lot better quality of life for less money. For example, let’s say you’re living in Thailand whilst working for clients in the USA. You’ll be earning a Western, developed country’s income, whilst being able to live like a king in Thailand, paying little more than $4 the best grilled prawns ever, or sleeping in beautiful hotels for less than $200 a month. And if you want to hack the system even more, why not try to build a passive income stream? (Looking for a few interesting Nunomads to follow? Check out: Uncornered Market or Exile Lifestyle, amongst many others)


“Le nec plus ultra”, as they like to call it in France; the cherry on the cake. Lifestyle Design is what ethics and religion used to be, but even more so. It deals with the most important, but very underestimated art, the art of life. How can we create a life of the utmost fulfillment, one of true meaning? How can we create a life based on rewarding experiences rather than one which is evaluated according to the chicness of your car or the amount of money in your bank account.

And it must be said… the freedom of a location independent life + some life hacking mechanisms = strong potential for a brilliant life in which we are the master of our own time and energy. (Read more about Lifestyle Design: Timothy Ferris, Free Pursuits, The Life Thing , and many more.)

So, what are you waiting for? Break out. Break free. Throw away your soma and become a wild man!

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